Making the Cut

Making the cut | vol 1
the worlds best collage artists

Crooks Press: "Making The Cut is a carefully considered selection of works
created by some of the best practicing collage artists working both digitally and analogue world wide.
The works featured within this book are in the discipline of both commercial and self initiated projects."


ANNUAL 2016 & ANNUAL 2017

Collage Collective Co about 'Annual 2016': "At the end of 2015 we released our first ever annual publication,
celebrating and showcasing over 100 collage works and collage artists from all over the world.
Another year has passed and we are incredibly excited to present our 2016 annual publication.
With this book featuring 100 collage works by 100 analogue and/or digital collage artists,
‘Annual 2016’ will be a continuation of celebrating this community and the artists within it."

Collage Collective Co about 'Annual 2017': "Much like our previous annual publications,
we are celebrating this community and the art of collage through showcasing 50 collage works
by 50 analogue and/or digital collage artists from all over the world."